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A little bit about us....

In 2012 the City of Ottawa announced that they will be adding 20 new foodtruck licenses on the streets of Ottawa.  Our many episodes of watching The Great Foodtruck Race, Eat St. and many other food Network shows has finally become a reality! In the summer of 2013 this is how our adventure and dream of being Foodtruck owners all started.  I think the most difficult part was trying to decide what to put on the menu, what represents our style of food and what types of items we enjoy eating while keeping it simple.  If there is such thing as something that is unathentically authentic. We knew we wanted it to be Asian Fusion with our backgrounds and the twist was that there must be something spicy.   Imagine a fire breathing dragon.  Yes, Lets call it Angry Dragonz! 

We opened the doors to our new restaurant Fall 2016.  We offer Dine In, Takeout, Delivery and Catering Services all year round. 
Our Foodtruck is located during the warmer months downtown Ottawa at the corner of Gloucester & Lyon Street.  We are normally there Monday - Fridays for lunch service.  You will also see us around the city at Festivals and Foodtruck Rallies. 
Our Favorite Moments
  1. Gloucester & Lyon St. Location
  2. Chef Steph the Grilling Gourmet with Bacon Wrapped Egg Rolls
  3. Christie Lake An Unlikely Food Truck Pairing with our friends
  4. Our Chef Kin with some Bacon Wrapped Egg Rolls
  5. Angry Dragonz Foodtruck Inside the Shaw Center
  6. Our friends from the AdMare Foodtruck
  7. At the Prive Noodle Festival
  8. Our Downtown Street Spot
  9. Picture of the Foodtruck Team
  10. Big Fans of Angry Dragonz!
  11. Best Large Plate at the Ottawa Foodtruck Rally
  12. Ready for Ottawa 2017
  13. Setting up for Bon Appetit Photo by Lois Siegel
  14. Title 15
  15. Enjoying the food at Bon Appetit Photo by Lois Siegel
  16. Title 17
  17. Photo with Chef Corbin
  18. Title 19
  19. Title 20
  20. Title 21
  21. Title 23
  22. Chef Lynn Crawford at the Window
  23. Title 26
  24. Title 27
  25. Title 28
  26. Title 29
  27. Title 30
  28. Title 31
  29. Title 32
  30. Title 33
  31. Title 34
  32. Title 35
  33. Title 36
  34. Title 37
  35. Got a photo with one of Canada's Top Chef's Rene Rodriguez
  36. Title 39
  37. Title 40
  38. Chef Kin Made it on the front page our our local paper
  39. 1st Customer in line.
  40. Getting ready for Noodle Fest!
  41. Title 44
  42. Dragonz Bowl on Canada Day!
  43. Title 46
  44. Title 47
  45. Gloucester & Lyon St. Location
  46. Special Event
  47. Title 50
  48. Hot 89.9 was at the Foodtruck
  49. Title 52
  50. By the Rideau Canal
  51. Wine & Food Show Spring Edition